Born in Bath, UK in 1976, I have been involved with birth in one way or another throughout my life. I was present to see quite a few dogs and cats having puppies and kittens as a teenager and young adult. In the year before University I spent six months in Canada studying the communication and Interactions of Killer Whales (Orca’s) before attending University to study Marine Biology.

I then trained as a secondary school science teacher and taught for five years. During this time I became pregnant and attended NCT antenatal classes. After planning a homebirth I developed high blood pressure and had a long posterior labour in hospital.

I breastfed for fourteen months and returned to work teaching part time.

I was chair of Liverpool NCT for two years and now run a Homebirth support group and am a user rep on our local Maternity services committee. I considered training as a midwife but then discovered Doula's and found the role they played could meet the needs I found unmet during my experiences. After attending a friends birth (see Jane’s birth story) I attended a training course and began attending births.

I retrained in Public Health analysis in 2006 and worked in the NHS, compiling evidence for a health equity order for a change in Community Midwifery services in Liverpool and am wrote my research dissertation on Physiological birth (To be " accord with, or characteristic of, the normal functioning of a living organism”) and health outcomes for Mothers and babies in Liverpool.

I am a lay supervisory area reviewer for the Nursing and Midwifery council I am passionate about improving the birth experience and early motherhood for other women. My main focus is to combine the best scientific evidence with alternative techniques to enable a woman and couple to birth intact, physically, emotionally and spiritually and to start parenthood with a loving bond with their child. I have training in basic aromatherapy massage and have used alternative therapies at most births (at clients request) from aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupressure and Optimal Foetal Positioning techniques. I have recently trained in the use of the Rebozo. I am a registered doula with Doula UK. I have been present at Homebirths, Twin births, Vaginal Births After Caesarean section's and posterior labours.

Areas I cover include, Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales

 Please email me or phone 07821147990 for further information.