Recognising birth as a sacred transformation from Woman to Mother, creating positive energy for birth and having fun with your friends!

A Blessingway is an alternative to a baby shower, traditionally a Navajo ritual marking the transition from womanhood to Motherhood, a blessingway is a fun and special way to prepare for the birth of your baby with joy and create positive memories to sustain you through birth and early parenthood.
Although a Blessingway is inspired by a Navajo ceremony it can be adapted to suit an individuals preferences (So can have Pagan or Christian references or Non religious etc)

A Blessingway usually contains five stages after planning

1: Beginning (the creation of a special ritual circle and preparing participants for ceremony)
2: Shifting (Stating the purpose, Introductions, releasing fears)
3: Focusing (Honouring, Pampering and Blessing the Mother to be)
4: Completing (Raising energy, weaving a web, thanking the spirits and opening the circle)
5: Feasting (Sharing food in celebration, grounding the ritual in our every day lives)

It also usually includes, laughter, tears, meaningful presents, the creation of a birth necklace, massage, henna art, flowers, strengthening of a community to sustain you, wonderful memories!

I can help you plan a blessingway, to create a special ritual for yourself, your friend or sister, from invitations to the ceremony itself and provide you with sources of the objects you might need.

I am also happy to facilitate the Blessingway and lead the ceremony (with humour and joy!)

Planning £100

Planning and facilitating the event £200

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