Hiring Selina as my doula was worth every penny! I would recommend her to anyone – especially someone feeling nervous or worried about the birth, as she is a rock of support.


Although I had no real ideas of what a Doula did, or how one could help me, Selina was an immediate support and reassurance. She got to know us in the weeks before the pregnancy and took the time to listen to us and understand what we wanted from the whole birth experience. 

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"After the birth Selina provided a lot of support for breast feeding and recovery support. Overall I would highly recommend Selina to anyone with a complex birth or long term conditions. Her assistance, experience and advice enable you to take the best path through the healthcare system. She also helps to reinforce the birth process as a natural and spiritual experience. I can now happily say I would “have another one” given the time and resources – previously the fear was too big. If I do I will be calling Selina. "


"For anyone in the Liverpool area, I would highly recommend Selina as a doula, she is wonderful, very helpful and knows a lot of really useful stuff, I also feel I have made a great friend who I will miss greatly when we my new family move back to Australia in 2011."

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Kat- describing the start of her natural birth of twins in Liverpool's Midwife led unit "I went into labour after much hilarity with Selina - belly dancing around my front room"

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Stephen "As a husband i can truly say that every husband should not be without one? -that is, a Doula.
Selina was wonderful I could not have coped as well without her being there for both Sarah and me.
At no point in the birth did I feel that Selina was imposing or taking over. She was extremely professional and her confidence made me feel more relaxed and in control. We plan to have our next baby on the beach and the first person we will call will be Selina!"

Clare "Throughout my pregnancy Selina visited me regularly and we discussed my plans for this birth, my concerns and worries from my last birth and Selina gave me ideas of more things to think about. She really gave me the confidence I needed to birth naturally at home"

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Sally "Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You helped make the experience truely magical, and I will never forget you for that.

You have had a special place in our lives for nine months and now Emily is here after such a fantastic birth, I can finally rid myself of the demons from Isabelles arrival.

I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can fully enjoy my beautiful family"

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Hilary "Now to convince 'im indoors! Gray was really worried that Selina's presence would prejudice a spirit of 'togetherness' - I could totally understand where he was coming from because I too wanted that the labour felt like a private time for 'Team James' , but somehow Selina's kindness and reassurance had buoyed me up and I knew that she would not intrude, but that things would run a little more smoothly (and a mite less painfully!) if she were there."

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After baby George's birth

“Selina's presence was really reassuring. She just seemed to know what I needed. It seemed that she always had something to try that would help me”

After baby Noah's birth

Selina's presence was invaluable again. Look forward to the next time!!
Thanks Selina .....you are AMAZING.

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Jane “Despite having never considered wanting a third party present at my babys birth, I am now truly grateful to Selina and consider her a god send. Labour became a positive and shared experience and as a result a very manageable one. “

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Roxanne “When my labour began, I was a huge relief to have Selina as the extra support. I had a natural delivery, despite earlier pre-eclampsia fears and threats of induction, and in spite of raised blood pressure. I had a drug free labour and birth and had no interventions. I completely enjoyed the power, wonder and euphoria of giving birth to my son and doubt that I could have enjoyed to the same extent without the support and encouragement of Tom and Selina.”

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Ade (Dad) “Throughout our birth experience, Selina was professional yet always empathetic and friendly. Although we didn't quite pull off a home birth, we always felt calm and in control of events. Ultimately, it is difficult to imagine that things could have gone better, and this was due in large part to Selina's contribution. “

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